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Team challenges for outdoor and adventure activities
Team Challenges (Outdoor & Adventure)

The variety of outdoor and adventure activities offered within this camp will encourage and enable children to develop many key skills such as teamwork, cooperation, communication and problem-solving.

Children playing rounders

Children will learn correct techniques for different types of throws and catches and practice batting and bowling techniques. Children will learn about the roles and responsibilities of different fielding positions in addition to applying a range of strategies and tactics to help them perform their best.

Children playing frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee

Children will participate in a lifelong physical activity game where they cooperate with their teammates and develop the following skills: throwing, catching, agility and hand-eye coordination.

Children play and learning soccer

Through a number of fun games and activities children will develop their foot eye coordination and soccer skills. 

Children playing Basketball

Through a series of fun activities and games, children will learn the basic basketball skills of running, jumping, passing, catching, dribbling and shooting. 

Kids Playing Volleyball

Spikeball is a game developed by the Volleyball Association of Ireland aimed to slow down the fast paced sport of volleyball and allow children to grasp fundamentals of the game quickly.


Through a series of modified games and activities, children will develop the fundamental skills required to play spikeball/volleyball. These skills include transferable movement skills, the volley, dig/forearm pass and the hit/spike.

Kids Painting and doing arts and crafts
Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts will allow children to develop their fine motor skills, improve hand eye coordination, increase dexterity and promote innovation and creativity within a fun environment.

Children playing badminton

Through a variety of fun modified games, children will develop fundamental skills like hand-eye coordination and reaction time. In addition to this, children will learn basic badminton skills such as serving and returning the shuttle.

Kids doing orienteering

Orienteering is a fun and challenging outdoor (sometimes indoor) sport which involve children walking or running around a set course whilst navigating a detailed map.


Orienteering will allow children to develop map reading and problem solving skills. Additionally, children will also improve their teamwork and communication skills.

Children playing tag rugby

Children will develop team work skills through cooperating with team mates as well as hand-eye coordination through passing and receiving the ball within small sided games. Other main skills developed include balance, change of direction and speed.

Children Running and playing tag
Tag-Based Games

Your child will experience exciting and thrilling tag games which will help improve their physical development, movement, agility, balance, coordination and spatial awareness.

Kids Playing at sports day
Special Events

On the last day of camp, each child will get the opportunity to participate in a special event/sports where everyone will get the opportunity to represent their team within a number of activities.

summer camp
Children at summer camp
summer camp
  • All-weather Multi Purpose Pitches

  • Full Sized Grass Pitch

  • Basketball Court

  • Sports Hall

Top Camps caters for children aged 5 to 15 years. All children attending camp must be attending school. Camp will run Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.00pm. 

top camps multi activity summer camp
Top Camps multi activity summer camp